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David S
I'm running late
Comment from : David S

Andrew Benedict
Comment from : Andrew Benedict

No gay twist at the end? I am disappointed. I thought they would figure out that they could fuck each other.
Comment from : thorium222

Alan Windeknecht
I materbated with a donut around my cock had big load
Comment from : Alan Windeknecht

Sanincorp ak15
Subed today at 94k
Comment from : Sanincorp ak15

killa California
why do I want to make a sandwich with so much jelly and just fuck the shit out of it now!!😂😂😂 u guys Sri a bad influence
Comment from : killa California

Saber Boi
Just hangin out with the bros, being straight guys JO together
Comment from : Saber Boi

can u tell any tips to cum more
Comment from : Unni

Abraxas Harpocrates the Curious
Comment from : Abraxas Harpocrates the Curious

Comment from : Sam

"Oh wait, your vegan." Lol
Comment from : Megaloceros

Andrew Mefford
My dick won't fit.
Comment from : Andrew Mefford

Typically wacky
plz tell me this is a dream
Comment from : Typically wacky

What the fuck am I watching
Comment from : J R

Lashawn Peeples
I'm also vegan
Comment from : Lashawn Peeples

Robert Cambric
so gay
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💟💟💟💟💟💟💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💝💝i love it

Comment from : Robert Cambric

Eleot Wellington
I found the kid's floating arm bands works good too ~ ~ ~ ! ! ! Hahaha
Comment from : Eleot Wellington

Robert Ross

Comment from : Robert Ross

Michael Davis
Okay I have a few things I MUST say!


2nd. I wish I had Jello in my house now...

3rd. Fucking liver is just disgusting! NO FUCKING WAY!

4th. soccer boppers are real things... They actually look like they would be fun to use...

5th. There is something wrong with me for thinking that...

6th. There wont be any point in lying when they are all crowding around the box of them and in the check out line with their soccer boppers...

Comment from : Michael Davis

Di Dxpeo
a silicon masturbator works .
Comment from : Di Dxpeo

AwesomeAlex! Adam
Would that be Bill Cosby the Rapist?
Comment from : AwesomeAlex! Adam

Comment from : Zackacraftia

Mark Giggs
Great video. Come in to my channel if you want, I hope to please you.
Comment from : Mark Giggs

Comment from : tigergreg8

Leena Kahlon
Why am I here?
Comment from : Leena Kahlon

Madeline H
Comment from : Madeline H

John Walters
Comment from : John Walters

that may be the funiest video evr
Comment from : NicAlwaysLoses

Chris Bennett
Ha ha ha, I've seen all your videos, but why do you only have 3 hot guys, I don't want to say who, I just want to piss of some bitches !
Comment from : Chris Bennett

Tim Almstead
So hott!!! I love 1 If you want a big weener like he has, stop playing around and google sizetrac. It works!
Comment from : Tim Almstead

Cereal Guy John
I think they are straight gays :D
Comment from : Cereal Guy John

Casey Jones
The bible forbids masturbation
Comment from : Casey Jones

Jason N
Comment from : Jason N

Jimmy CC
If you don't want to have to clean it up, buy a pack of cheap, dermo, sensitive, unfragranced baby/wet wipes, do it until you're edging, then just put the wipe over it and cum into it. Use the four corners to dab the rest and get the stuff you can milk out, wrap it up, bin it, piss and drink some water. Done.
Comment from : Jimmy CC

Inflatable arm floaties! Those come in handy.
Comment from : PhantomPhoenix1

Steam Room Stories
Well this particular episode is about masturbation...and who doesn't like to do that?? whether gay or straight. :)
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Aleena S.
I'm confused are they gay or what?
Comment from : Aleena S.

Steam Room Stories
Hey Aleena, we here that from time to time..."why am I here"? glad you took the time to comment, we must have made an impression. ;) welcome to Steam Room Stories!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Aleena S.
What the hell is this and why am i here
Comment from : Aleena S.

Yiou guys Rock!
Comment from : A A

Masturbation>Orgasm>Sticky White Sweet : )
Comment from : thecatman4ever

TENS machines are awesome for that. Allegedly :p
Comment from : MrGoatflakes

Most guys do it even if they are getting a lot. Cause you know, it's different, private, and something enjoyable.
Comment from : MrGoatflakes

These guys r 2 cute to have to masturbate : )
Comment from : thecatman4ever

Darren o
going to share this video with my guys at; daburghjacks. com
Comment from : Darren o

Darren o
going to share this video with my guys at; daburghjacks. com
Comment from : Darren o

Elsa S
Don't tell me you've never had sex with your bed!!
Comment from : Elsa S

Elsa S
Don't tell me you've never had sex with your bed!!
Comment from : Elsa S

gay aaron
Is any of them single!
Comment from : gay aaron

Isabel W
haha thats hilarious! if i was a guy i'd be like "WHERE'S THE NEAREST TOY STORE?!"
Comment from : Isabel W

Jason Pham
I know for sure that I am! Michelle is simply not pleasing me anymore.
Comment from : Jason Pham

Steam Room Stories
xo <3
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Sam Humphrys
someone's gonna try that?? XD LOL
Comment from : Sam Humphrys

Teejay Maynard
I May have picked up on a innuendo "So everytime you come you'll think about it " :/ am a wrong xxx
Comment from : Teejay Maynard

Chris McSweeney
It felt GREAT :-)
Comment from : Chris McSweeney

Coin Lover
How was it?!?!
Comment from : Coin Lover

Christian Lightworker
i'm too fat for a gatorade bottle :\
Comment from : Christian Lightworker

Katte Pholsatta
thanks you very much :)
Comment from : Katte Pholsatta

Steam Room Stories
Thanks for asking Katte, all the shows and movies we produce can be found on our website CINEMA175 (dot) COM - you could also subscribe to our newsletter for special content. THANKS!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Katte Pholsatta
excuse me, what is the name of this movie?
Comment from : Katte Pholsatta

Hal Jordan
Its sockem boppers actually, they are more fun then a pillow fight
Comment from : Hal Jordan

i put motor oil, olive oil, last weeks cum on my dick and a banana. IT was great
Comment from : mlop

Chris McSweeney
I have tried the sandwich bag and Vaseline before lol
Comment from : Chris McSweeney

men definitely jerk off more than women, but women still do it too =)
Comment from : Xeonaness123

Taylor Knight
Could've had a Fleshlight
Comment from : Taylor Knight

Zach T
I want a Socker Bopper now
Comment from : Zach T

im stiff right now, we should work on each other :)
Comment from : -SUPER THUGG

Low or high sperm count has no effect on sexual desire.
Comment from : buddyontheweb

Now that I rethink it I take back my comment, that was stupid and immature of me. Everybody jerks off, men do it, women do it, dogs and cats do it, chimpanzees do it.
Comment from : Octane64

Jessica McBride
woman do it more than men think :) i think ANYONE man or woman who denies it is lying
Comment from : Jessica McBride

Paige Turner
07971911911 Gay chat
Comment from : Paige Turner

Marcia Cristina
quer apareser quebra uma melancia na cabesa
Comment from : Marcia Cristina

Men jerk off way more than women, that is a fact. A man who says he hardly jerks off is lying, or has a low sperm count, or a very sensitive dick. I'm jerking off right now to some midget porn in fact.
Comment from : Octane64

Zidders Roofurry
This is the greatest video evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver <3
Comment from : Zidders Roofurry

Zidders Roofurry
Comment from : Zidders Roofurry

Per Johansson
Comment from : Per Johansson

Douglas Dangerfield
Nope, not me, but he's a friend of mine.
Comment from : Douglas Dangerfield

James Tarr
Is that you with a beard?!? Your avatar is too small, I can't tell.
Comment from : James Tarr

The best thing about masturbation is you don't have to worry about looking your best
Comment from : rannaji

Douglas Dangerfield
He's a great guy!
Comment from : Douglas Dangerfield

Socker Boppers Ad (1997) watch?v=JqRfI5jqz1U
Comment from : luiskraul

Daniel's Lido
I, as a foreskin possesor, know what he is talking about. And he is right.
Comment from : Daniel's Lido

samuel meh
I use the massage vibrator, you know it's like masturbation in 4k, it feels so good, since then, I don't even need my girlfriend, nor by boyfriend, nor my hand.
Comment from : samuel meh

Steam Room Stories
Mike Poursh is the "furry" actor
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

James Tarr
Who is the hawt one with all the fur?
Comment from : James Tarr

Unless you have a partner who you can have sex with or perform sexual favors with whenever you want, then no.
Comment from : bigbrown4114493

Massa Niruth
i will stop masturbating when 1. I run out of lustybandz 2. i run out of internet. 3. i run out of life.
Comment from : Massa Niruth

First Wizard
How many ppl looked up socker boopers?
Comment from : First Wizard

I don't about you but I always bring a Gatorade bottle in the steam room.
Comment from : 1veggiemonster

noo who told you this?
Comment from : Surrender2No1

Stanley Olszyna
Bbs and ky. Sounds hot.
Comment from : Stanley Olszyna

i wanna get one of those barbie dolls with the video cameras built into her torso. then, i wanna cream barbie's face on tape and post it to youporn or some other website. it would be so fun!!
Comment from : purseonal2010

Steam Room Stories
The guy you are asking about is Mike Pourish. He's a very talented and sexy actor!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

who's the furry guy on the right? He's so good!
Comment from : DewMan001

this might be more successful if it was believable that any of the actors were straight instead of just "straight-acting"
Comment from : stevedincht

Dhel of the Zhangkani
He also went and got one..lol....
Comment from : Dhel of the Zhangkani

Christopher Celeste
i googled "socker boppers" OMG
Comment from : Christopher Celeste

mm no I've never tried something like that ewww... I think I`m just lucky, mmm maybe not so because I'm still virgin xD, but well meanwhile I can have fun with myself xD
Comment from : Marcos

Great Lakes Den
too late.
Comment from : Great Lakes Den

Comment from : Andapandar

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