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I want to see it
Comment from : LIVE STREAM FAN 800

So is this why the boys in my school take so long to change for PE ???!!! 😂
Comment from : Wolfacado

Alyssa Martin
It feels good
Comment from : Alyssa Martin

RGB Crafts
Hairy guy: anytime.
Comment from : RGB Crafts

english nugget
This comment section...guys this is true art
Comment from : english nugget

Colleen Murray
Make an video about touching your butt
Comment from : Colleen Murray

Alfredo GM
What's the hairy man's name or twitter? He's extremely cute.😅
Comment from : Alfredo GM

I love this
Comment from : AlbinoHuman

George Louis
Okay now I know why straight men are still uncomfortable around gays. Way to go people. One step forward and two steps back. When will we reshape our reputations into one of being more similar to straight men than different? We like to say we are born this way and we're not much different but here we go again with hitting on guys in public and ass play in public. I'm gay and even I think this is weird.
Comment from : George Louis

I understand the importance of self exams, but I seriously have no idea what I'm feeling, and if it's normal or abnormal. Usually when at a doctor's office, my boy berries are all tightened up so how could a doctor even be able to tell?
Comment from : chickenfarm09

Comment from : 저는와ᅣᅩᄑᄅ하지만

Cade Whitmore
Boy berries 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Cade Whitmore

elsa Grace
Omg, who makes these? Funny as F.
Comment from : elsa Grace

Tessa Nicacia
Comment from : Tessa Nicacia

Feeling. W-WHAT IS....Oh just a tube...justtt a tube....WAIT WHATS...Same thing different ball.... Scariest moment of my life.
Comment from : NoxVok

A n g e l
Comment from : A n g e l

lyon Simpson
Comment from : lyon Simpson

Puficzek Lagan
Nawet fajne tylko dlaczego oni wkładają ręce do siusiaka?
Comment from : Puficzek Lagan

Malik Vega
Comment from : Malik Vega

Norman Amalgamate
truly terrible-who is directing/casting these?
Comment from : Norman Amalgamate

oh how much i wanna see Mike Poursh kissing with Ben Palacios with towels OFF !
Comment from : Bob

My hand would shoot up like a bullet!
Comment from : blackkittyfreak

Steam Room Stories
That's what we thought too! Thanks for noticing Brian. :)
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Randy Kothakonda
yes you are nasty. god you nasty straight person
Comment from : Randy Kothakonda

own it.
Comment from : MrGoatflakes

Amberlly Sanchez
Hahahhaa what the hell!?
Comment from : Amberlly Sanchez

Goddammit Trey Songz, what are you doing?
Comment from : karmaniyama

I, I think,... ah, I really need a, um, a (swallow hard) prostate exam from Mike. Oh, yeah. Oh S-H-I-T yeah!
Comment from : otterlover95

Kasnar Burns
Amen to that!!! He's the only one I look forward to looking at in these videos....
Comment from : Kasnar Burns

Evan Gwartz
i think you need to rethink your lifestyle
Comment from : Evan Gwartz

Isabel W
"i thought we'd test the prostrate next..." HAHAHAHAHA almost pissed myself!
Comment from : Isabel W

Bearded guy was hot.....
Comment from : Santiago

Thomas Y.
Comment from : Thomas Y.

Comment from : gajda1984

The hairy guy is stunning.....I'd check his anytime......
Comment from : perth45

UGH GOD, why do all the gay guys have all the fun?!?!
Comment from : crued45

anyone else think they tried giving each other a prostrate exam after?
Comment from : 1veggiemonster

Chris McSweeney
DAMN!!!! Hot men. I am a man and I love looking at hot men. Keep these coming :)
Comment from : Chris McSweeney

Jake T
yeah it's true.
Comment from : Jake T

hahah....WTF oh shit this isn't my side of youtube.. oh oh man this isnt what i expected... oh oh my
Comment from : JustTrynaGraduate

How did I get here?
Comment from : D00r3

greg thompson
this was really good great video
Comment from : greg thompson

Richard Golden-DeWitt
I don't know but the black guy is :)
Comment from : Richard Golden-DeWitt

Comment from : RICHMOND94114

I think you should probably rename this series "Bathhouse Stories"
Comment from : Pseudonym10

Bockdollar McGillicuddy
bearded guy was also in "Where the Bears Are," and he was kissing another guy in the Christmas episode - it might have been an outtake? But that does not mean beard is necessarily gay
Comment from : Bockdollar McGillicuddy

Chri Black
I think I need to exam myself
Comment from : Chri Black

"Testicular exams are really important for men"...um...yea...I wouldn't think that they'd be a really high priority for women.
Comment from : Prius

Nathaniel Nash
Oh, ya'll are on some serious shit in here....
Comment from : Nathaniel Nash

Donna Cone
love it get the message out and humor all rolled into one .
Comment from : Donna Cone

PLEASE tell me he does porn.
Comment from : fiercefunky

I wanna go first!
Comment from : MrMountain123

Yeah it's black comedy, a genre that's been used for a long time to convey important messages more easily to the audience because we more easily accept a message that doesn't make us sad or upset. Sorry, I'm studying it now :P
Comment from : L3emonzz

Boo Bear
I get the message but the video production is just so silly....no, STUPID!
Comment from : Boo Bear

Me too!
Comment from : MrLittleCub

Kasnar Burns
I'd bend over for that hairy guy in a second....I started sweating when he entered the scene....;-)
Comment from : Kasnar Burns

any latino in the steam room ?
Comment from : mauriboy

Eduardo Aguilar
Comment from : Eduardo Aguilar

Why God. Why. B-)
Comment from : JcShadowmonster

Wow, this is very arousing...all those men!
Comment from : chipette

l ortiz
Thing is all men seem to forget is we are part female ..Hence the nipples..Guys really need to check for any lumps around the arm pit area ..enjoy touching your selves.
Comment from : l ortiz

I have a bunch of hair around my dick...wanna see???/
Comment from : e081194eng

Alvin Seville
(i am a girl) i like that darker guy, he's hot man!
Comment from : Alvin Seville

Thom Vanek
I like this. Fun and clever.
Comment from : Thom Vanek

Dhel of the Zhangkani
When I saw that all I can say to myseld was gi-gidy!
Comment from : Dhel of the Zhangkani

Steam Room Stories
We aren't really sure, we don't know 100% who is and who isn't, but nonetheless we agree, he is gorgeous!!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Great video. Please tell me the guy with the Beard is gay...he is gorgeous
Comment from : Gary

Anthony Mancini
Ok, is the blonde guys character gay or str8, this episode and the last one send conflicting messages about him, very confusing.
Comment from : Anthony Mancini

Louie San Luis
hi there, just curious! where do you hold your auditions? thank you so much and i love your steamroom stories. all the best!
Comment from : Louie San Luis

I can't express how important regular checkups can be, I checked my PSA yearly, but the time I went 18 months, prostate cancer developed resulting in its removal. The cancer had already metastasized. Had I made my yearly check, it might not have spread. Thankfully, hormone therapy is keeping me around. But men, check yourself, and get yourself checked. If you live long enough, you’ll either die with, or die from prostate cancer. Thanks guys!
Comment from : cstevenson

Steam Room Stories
He's in more of our episodes that we have shot, so keep an eye out for more of Mike.
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Steam Room Stories
We are always looking for all types of guys. When we have a new casting we always list every ethnicity as an option. We are always on the look! Thanks Killamas57
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Shady Tyrell
All you need now is an Asian, a Latino and an Indian and you've got the whole package.
Comment from : Shady Tyrell

dave angel
Love this vid... A guy with some fur... Can you do some more with he.
Comment from : dave angel

Not every guy is interested in hairy guys. Sigh.. I know it is a turn on for me. Not for me. Not my fav episode, just as the one before...
Comment from : starlight70

Nobody likes you now.
Comment from : DarkWillUser

Fantastic! Well done, guys! Good to see a public health issue dealt with in such a funny way!
Comment from : Geoff

XD Nice. Also, it's good to see a natural man in your videos lately. He's gorgeous.
Comment from : TheThunderDragoon

you know you're gay when you vote yourself first to get a prostate exam.and OH MY GOD THAT GUY IS SO FUCKING HAIRY!!!!
Comment from : SuzukiluvrRX11

I'm not a bear, and I sure appreciate it as well
Comment from : darksack

Steam Room Stories
Thanks bearinfo, we agree and we love having Mike around too!!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Steam Room Stories
Thanks Gary! We think so too, we'll be sure to pass on your comment to him.
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

The hairy guy is a 10
Comment from : Gary

Dear nexttsar...regarding your comment about being grossed out by a guys body hair...Its called being a REAL MAN my friend. Before 1995 thats the way every man was. Only movie stars and bodybuilders would EVER think of putting a razor to there body hair. Now that gross' me out! I am glad things are changing back.
Comment from : malibujd44

Education is always more effective with comedy. And We bears really appreciate the recent addition of Mike the very Woofie Bear.
Comment from : bearinfo

Why was the first guy reaching so far up there? lol
Comment from : MDkid1

The hairy guy grossed me out - he has hair on his shoulders and back, it's disgusting. I don't know how men can live with that much hair. I'm glad I'm naturally smooth chested. Whew!
Comment from : nexttsar

I wasn't disturbed, and I got the message, I was just surprised that was my feelings after watching the movie. It wasn't really the cancer aspect, but I was surprised that I was bothered by sexuallizing the screenings (even though I know for some guys it is, and even though I knew this video was doing it for comedy) Disturbing is how none of Brain Griffin's female dates in Family Guy are bothered by dating a dog. I'm a progressive liberal.. but I on't know if I'm that progressive! (lol)
Comment from : thepokekid01

never noticed any steam in the steam room but good for you covering a serious issue. Mike can give me a prostate exam anytime.
Comment from : SMUN1000

Penny Duong
The bear! Yum
Comment from : Penny Duong

Steam Room Stories
The "steam" effect is a special effect in the newer episodes. It's shot very bright and contrasty then when the steam layer is added, it yet gives the idea that they are in a steam room. It's a very tough balace to achieve, i've noticed that each monitor and platform looks different. When watched on youtube its "steamier" but on iTunes, there appears to be almost no steam. It's a difficult balancing act to perfect the steam effect. I'm constantly working on perfecting it. Thanks for your notes!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

D ubhlainn
Comment from : D ubhlainn

My prostate is big, pumped and muscular!
Comment from : CleverDjembe

David Wood
thumbs up if anyone else did the check during this video? /were masturbating during this video, but will use the excuse :)
Comment from : David Wood

Steam Room Stories
Sorry you find this disturbing. It's not a "cancer joke" - it's our way of reminding guys that they should always remember to check themselves. This is an important subject to us and as a comedy program, we thought that we could combine a very serious message with a few smiles.
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

hmm... I've heard hundreds if not thousands of cancer jokes, but the sexuallization of cancer screenings somehow bothers me.
Comment from : thepokekid01

I love the hairy one!!
Comment from : Leekee-Duh-Boo

Jake T
this is my favorite one :)
Comment from : Jake T

Steam Room Stories
agree? I don't even know what you're asking.
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

Steam Room Stories
The actor you are asking about's name is Mike. His facebook page is: facebook . com/MPoursh - he's also a very talented singer!
Comment from : Steam Room Stories

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